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Store Locator Software

Lookup Runner is online store locator software to help you run store locator, product finder or zip code locator section on your website.

Adding store locator software to your current website is an ideal path for turning online visitors into retail buyers. Easily direct your customers on where to buy your products and services at stores most convenient to them. Just copy and paste a simple installation code on any page of your website to display the search form, map, and location listings. Lookup Runner also features intuitive, easy to use admin panel that requires little to no training.

  • Start In Minutes

  • Automatically import your locations into this online store finder software from a CSV/Excel file. No manual work required to enter hundreds or even thousands of items. Then fire up an automatic geocoding function to find your locations coordinates, and your store locator page is ready to work for your online customers.

  • Please Your Customers

  • Show distance to matched locations, group listings by state or city, auto detect customer current position, show driving directions, custom not found text to offer more help details.

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Responsive design that works perfectly well for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows as well as for desktops, laptops and tablets. If a mobile device has GPS on board then Lookup Runner can make use of that to find out their position and automatically displays nearest locations or stores.

  • Works Worldwide

  • More than 200 countries covered. United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom and more. As long as it is on the Google Maps, it will be found. Choose between miles and kilometers measurement.

  • Search Statistics

  • Keep track of what your online visitors are searching for in your online dealer finder software.

  • Completely Customizable

  • Add custom fields to your locations form, assign higher priority to certain locations, define which products sold or services offered in every location, set the search radius.

More advanced features include the products list being offered in every of your locations, and the available products drop down list is automatically added to the search form. You can give your locations a different priority, which allows to show certain locations on top of search results regardless of distance, or even have locations that are displayed in every search.

Looking for a WordPress solution? Check out Locatoraid WordPress store locator plugin.

We constantly add new features and options to provide an accurate and reliable online zip code locator software that is easy to use yet features advanced map and search options at a reasonable price. Lookup Runner PHP script with professional locator features provides a cost-effective PHP solution for your online store finder needs.

Developers welcome!

Impress your clients with a dependable online zip code locator software for their website.

What is behind a good store locator software?

Even though snail mail has taken a backseat to electronic mail, we still need to communicate and stay in touch via the conventional mailing system, and will continue to put zipcodes to good use. Think about that the next time you send grandma a birthday card or need to have a package delivered to a remote area in Iowa. Imagine a website visitor looking for a service station for his Ford truck somewhere in Texas? Everyone knows one's zipcode or postal code nowdays, so it is a good start for a search. A ZIP code's address and the city name written on the same line do not necessarily mean that that address is within that city.

Precision of the zip code system also varies from country to country. For example, in the Netherlands, a postal code contains information up to the house number - imagine that street names are redundant in this situation. United States also may have house number in the zip code, while United Kingdom offers linking to a road. In other countries, such as Russia, it is less that specific, and a postal code is assigned to a town district or a rural area district.

For better search, there exists a database of zip codes, street addresses and geo coordinates. Geo coordinates explicitly define an exact place on Earth, so given two ZIP codes or street addresses, a smart piece of store locator software can calculate the distance and give you nearest stores, shops, stations, whatever you may fancy looking for. Many store search software products feature advanced algorithms and innovative approach to processing massive databases quickly and efficiently.